Seeing as how white men consistently top Keith Olbermann’s “Worst Person in the World” segment on MSNBC’s Countdown, it seems fitting that Keith should make his own list.

On Wednesday Olbermann outdid himself. Olbermann not only called Geraldine Ferraro racist for saying little more than Obama’s ethnicity was advantageous, he berated Hillary for ONLY rejecting Ferraro’s comments instead of throwing her to the wolves. He compared Hillary to the most disgusting, vile, racist monster know to mankind – a Republican. As if this 10 minute tirade wasn’t bad enough, Olbermann than went on to compare the so-called racist comments of Ferraro to the infamous remarks by Al Campanis who said blacks didn’t have the intelligence to be baseball executives. But the absolute goddamn kicker is he had the nerve to throw in a comment by the late great Ronald Reagan in which Reagan suggested reporters went easy on Jesse Jackson because of his race. In other words, Reagan was racist too!

Watch Keith’s Special Comment in its entirety below. Warning it far surpasses the standard sanctimonious spiel he spews from his goofy little face. You may feel the sudden urge to punch him in the face – DON’T! L7 World will not be held liable for any broken computer monitors.