bitter obamaDespite outspending Hillary Clinton 3 to 1, Barack Obama was decisively defeated in the Pennsylvania primary, Tuesday. No doubt a result of his portraying Pennsylvanians as bitter hillbillies who “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.” Ironically, when Barack offered his congratulations to Hillary not only did his supporters not applaud they bitterly booed.

And speaking of bitter, Nora Ephron of the Huffington Post (and lousy movies like: Sleepless in Seattle, You Got Mail, & When Harry Met Sally) went on a tirade this week saying, “This is an election about whether the people of Pennsylvania hate blacks more than they hate women. And when I say people, I don’t mean people, I mean white men… the outcome of the general election will depend on whether enough of them vote for McCain. A lot of them will: white men cannot be relied on, as all of us know who have spent a lifetime dating them. And McCain is a compelling candidate, particularly because of the Torture Thing. As for the Democratic hope that McCain’s temper will be a problem, don’t bet on it. A lot of white men have terrible tempers, and what’s more, they think it’s normal.”

Torture thing? Way to belittle 5 years of hell that he endured out of the principle of not leaving his fellow soldiers behind, but I digress. This columnist just called all white men unreliable, angry, racists and is she reprimanded or fired? No, in fact if you search the web this story’s getting little to no coverage. This is no different then the Don Imus fiasco but since whites are the target it’s OK I guess. Bullshit!

I hope everyone out there with a blog brings this to people’s attention. Better yet, go to the source. Don’t just post a comment on Nora’s article, Email [email protected] and let them know what you think! I did:

To whom it may concern,

As a white man, I find the article by Nora Ephron
highly offensive, but more disturbing is that you haven’t rejected these statements. I hope that you will show some integrity and take some action against such incendiary language.

Mark Putnam