By day Keisuke is a mild-manner schoolteacher but by night he “rights wrongs through penetration” as Rapeman! He might sound like a dick but once you get past that whole sexual assault thing he’s actually a good guy.

Keisuke and his uncle Shotoku run a sort of perverted A-team and if you can find them and you’ve got a rape-worthy offense then maybe you can hire Rapeman. And since all the proceeds are going to the Orphanage that raised Keisuke, it’s (presumably) tax deductible!

Unfortunately for Keisuke, his Uncle accepts are dubious cases against women such as a gold digger girlfriend, a boyfriend stealer, a lesbian wife. Rapeman eventually gets caught with his pants down — literally. In his quest to retrieve incriminating photos of himself, Keisuke discovers he was just a pawn in an elaborate plot to blackmail the woman’s husband, who’s running for office. Now Rapeman must dispense justice the only way he knows how!

Despite what you might think, it isn’t a porn per se. The few sex scenes are relatively tame. They use a lot of slow motion & cutaways. In fact, between Keisuke’s surprising naiveté and his uncle’s antics, you’ll laugh more than anything else. Can’t recommend this one enough, but avoid the hentai version which utterly lacks the story or humor you’ll find here. There’s a total of 11 movies in the series but sadly there won’t be anymore staring the original actor, Hiroyuki Okita, who hanged himself in 1999.