If you’ve picked up a Marvel comic book recently, you’ve undoubtedly notice an ominous silhouette in the corner of each cover with the words “Who do you trust?” above it. Not Marvel that’s for sure. Apparently they’ve been lying to us for years.

In Secret Invasion #1 Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada revealed the Marvel Universe has been inundated with Skrull sleeper agents ever since the Secret War miniseries (Feb. 04). Now according to the mastermind behind this deception writer Brian Michael Bendis, he “doesn’t retcon” (see interview below). But this changes everything!

The most glaring example is that Iron Man’s butler Jarvis, who had been romantically linked with Aunt May, appears to be a Skrull. Meaning it’s possible Aunt May is pregnant with a Skrull baby! Naysayers will argue that she’d be showing by now if she were, but who really knows the incubation period of Skrulls?

Of course even if she had been, Mephisto’s demonic retcon probably erased this baby just like it did Peter Parker’s & Mary Jane’s baby (see Spider-Man #545). Speaking of which, Mephisto may have actually done something good! Think about it, surely the Devil wouldn’t be fooled by an alien shape-shifter. Therefore we know Spidey’s the real McCoy. And considering Peter’s history with impostors (see Clone Saga) that’s a relief.

More importantly, we know Nick Fury isn’t a Skrull. Otherwise the Skrulls wouldn’t be looking for him, now would they (see Secret Invasion Prologue). Besides Fury is like a government-issue Watcher he sees everything, which is ironic his he’s only got one good eye. No doubt he knew about the Skrull invasion back in Secret War and that’s the real reason he went into hiding. In other words, he’s been preparing for this for years – so expect a grand entrance when he returns!