Talk about kissing up, last week U.S. Maj. Gen. Jeffery Hammond presented Iraqi leaders with a kissed copy of the Koran and begged for their forgiveness after a soldier was found using the Koran for target practice.

Although the soldier has been reprimanded and removed from “the honor of serving in Iraq” Khalaf al-Elyan, a senior Sunni Arab lawmaker, is demanding he stand trial, saying “It is a dangerous case, we had been silent and accepted the killing of our sons, the destruction of our homes and the theft of our money but we do not accept insults to the holy Koran.”

Way to have your priorities straight. Your children get killed no problem, but a book gets shot and you’re up in arms literally. And we’re stealing your money? We’re still paying for Iraqi reconstruction while they stockpile billions in oil revenue, but I digress. Why should we apologize for the Koran being desecrated? Did Iraqis apologized when they burned the American flag and President Bush in effigy or when the charred bodies of Blackwater contractors were strung up from a bridge in Fallujah?

Obviously it was a stupid thing to do, but altogether understandable. These guys are getting blown up, naturally they want to lash out. It’d be great if Al Qaeda had a secular symbol like the Nazi swastika but they don’t so deal with it Muslims – don’t act in same fanatical manner as those you claim have hijacked your religion and you say don’t represent you!

The unnamed soldier did apologize, explaining “My actions were shortsighted, very reckless and irresponsible, but in my heart (was not) malicious.” Still waiting on that apology from the people of Fallujah though.