smallville finaleJust because the series is winding down is no reason to be lazy. Last week’s season finale of Smallville was unbelievably unbelievable. Where to start…

When confronting Brainiac, Clark says he has no problem killing him because ‘he’s not a man, he’s a machine.’ Rationalizing the murder of an obviously sentient being is not something Superman would do. Moreover, Clark implausibly kills him with the very electricity Brainiac was using to recharge, albeit in greater dose.

Then there’s Jimmy’s deceiving Lois for Lex, despite his obvious nervousness and the numerous holes in his story. Isn’t Lois Lane suppose to be an ace reporter? Finally in what’s suppose to be the cliffhanger, Clark and Lex face off in the Fortress. And in Lex’s hand he holds the orb that’s key to controlling Clark. Unfortunately, the orb repels Kryptonians, so which one of Superman’s near limitless superpowers does he use to stop Lex?

  1. heat vision
  2. super breath
  3. create a vortex around Lex by using his super speed
  4. super clap shock wave
  5. umm… throw something at him

Answer: Superman’s least know ability – his powers of persuasion!