Dawn’s your typical teen… well except for the fact that she suffers from a very unique medical condition known as vagina dentata, aka toothed vagina (living next to a power plant will do that). Unfortunately as a firm believer in abstinence, Dawn is blissfully unaware that anything’s wrong with her. It doesn’t help that every guy in town wants to rape her. And believe me the last thing you want is for a toothed vagina to tense up.

Between Jess Weixler’s award-winning performance as the quintessential prude and outrageous scenes like a frisky gynecologist frantically trying to pull his arm out of this vicious vagina, there’s a surprising amount of humor. However I’d have preferred them to either go all out horror or comedy, not both. Just imagine how great this could’ve been if Dawn’s vagina was a killer flower as the movie poster (falsely) suggests. Think Little Shop of Horrors: “Feed me Dawn, Feed me!”

Nevertheless, Teeth gets 2 fingers… I mean, thumbs up! Check out yet another Exclusive Unofficial Trailer spliced together with some very appropriate music (deleted because of Megavideo lawsuit).