Zombie Strippers movie Robert Englund Jenna Jameson

Zombie Strippers is a movie so bad it’s good. It opens with a cheesy news report that declares George W. Bush has just won his 4th term as President. The military’s stretched a little thin with wars being waged in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Venezuela, France, Canada, and Alaska! So the Uncle Sam creates a virus to reanimate dead soldiers and if there’s one thing soldiers love it’s strippers. For whatever reason the virus is more “pure” in women. The zombie strippers not only retain their intelligence… they become super strippers!

Rather than run and hide from them, their co-workers succumb to peer pressure and willingly become zombies. Of course despite their newfound dance skills, they’re still flesh-eaters and the body count isn’t the only thing rising when these girls give private dances.

Zombie strippers are contagious. They resurface in the upcoming movie Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

Every scene is chock-full of campiness. Whether it’s strippers quoting Nietzsche, a zombie stripper dance off, or porn star Jenna Jameson using her zombie vagina as a cannon and shooting ping pong/billiard balls out of it! It even features horror legend Robert Englund but the true star of the movie is Joey Medina as Paco. The walking stereotype steals the show with show with his deadpad delivery of ridiculous dialogue.