Melvin Ferd’s been mopping the floor with criminals ever since he fell into a barrel of toxic waste that transformed him into a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength – The Toxic Avenger!

But this time around Toxie must face his most fiendish foe yet… himself. While fighting the Diaper Mafia, a terrorist group that’s taken a school of mentally challenged kids hostage, Toxie is caught in the wake of a huge explosion and blown into a mirror universe where good people are evil & evil people are good (there aren’t even any sweet goatees to help tell the difference). And while Toxie searches for a way home, his evil doppelganger Noxie, The Noxious Offender, goes on a killing spree in Tromaville!

Like all Troma films Citizen Toxie is oozing with campy lines like “lookout he’s armed” when Noxie rips off the police chief’s arms or a severed head lamenting that he’s used to having nobody behind him but now he’s got “no body” at all. If retards getting killed, pregnant women being used as pinatas, or fetuses fighting in the womb (L7 World fetus trailer right) is your idea of a good time you’re gonna love this movie. As shocking as it may sound, even more shocking is all the stars this movie’s got: pornstar Ron Jeremy as mayor of Tromaville, 80s idol Corey Feldman as the dirty doctor, Hostel’s Eli Roth as Beautiful Young Boy, the Sklar twins Jason & Rand of I love the 80s fame as a couple of douche bag reporters, narration by comic book legend Stan Lee, and of course needing no introduction Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf as God. Eat your heart out Citizen Kane!