kill all parentsHave you ever noticed how all the best superheroes are born from tragedy? Specifically the loss of a parent. Batman, Robin, Superman, Spider-Man the list is as long as Spawn’s cape.

But what if that these life altering moments had been orchestrated with just that in mind? That’s the premise of Image Comics’ newest title.

It begins when our pitiable heroes discover their real secret origin: The Omniveritas™, a clairvoyant supercomputer that killed their parents in order to turn them into superheroes. Its inventor tries to justify his actions, but they don’t buy it and summarily throw him into the sun. But unbeknownst to our heroes, the Omniveritas™ is still operational and foresees impending doom. Its solution: Kill All Parents!

Not surprisingly, Kill All Parents! is very tongue-in-cheek. It’s populated with parodies of characters from both Marvel and DC, like Tomorrow Man an emotionally-disturbed version of Superman who suffers from “episodes” (throwing villains into the sun for instance). There’s lots neat Easter egg-ish stuff like fictitious “see issue #” notes and counter-productive military base signs that read “top secret research lab” which you might not notice on your first read. If you read one comic this month, make it this one (or the Omniveritas™ will kill your parents)!