gay snickers

Mars’ ballsy new spokesman: Mr. T wants you to “Get Some Nuts!” A new Snickers commercial (video below) shows Mr. T using his big gun to pound an effeminate speedwalker from behind with snickers bars.

But Mars pulled the ad after receiving complaints calling it gay bashing. And here I thought “the gays” enjoyed taking nuts to the face.

The truth is the commercial isn’t anti-gay, it’s pro-man. The campaign couldn’t be more clear: “Get Some Nuts” (i.e. balls). Mr T. isn’t attacking the sissy because he’s gay, he’s attacking him because he’s a sissy. There’s even a alternate version of the commercial in which Mr. T confronts a crybay who hurts himself playing soccer. And while you could legitimately argue soccer’s gay (cause it is), Mr. T doesn’t attack the whole team just the whiner.

But unlike homosexuals, Mars isn’t taking this taking this lying down! (zing) They’ve made a flash game (below) where you can play as Mr. T and coldcock pussies and bitches, by which I mean cats & dogs of course. I guess what I’m trying to say is “I pity da fool who calls Mr. T a homophobe!”