Ba'al's to the wall

All good things must come to end, sadly SG-1 is no exception. Stargate: Continuum looks to neatly wrap up the series with the demise of SG-1’s first and most deadly enemy, the Goa’uld.

After capturing what they believe to be the last of the Ba’al clones, SG-1attends a Tok’ra extraction ceremony to ensure everything goes smoothly or as Major General Jack O’Neill so eloquently puts it, they “get rid of the last bad guy and then there’s cake.”

But it ain’t that easy, ’cause when Ba’al’s to the wall he doesn’t clone around. And no sooner does he warn them that the real Ba’al’s still out there, than people begin vanishing into thin air. As the city disappears around them, SG-1 gates back to Earth only to realize they’re outta time, literally. The real Ba’al has altered the timeline and SG-1 find themselves on an Earth where the Stargate was never found (again).

Unfortunately for them (and us) it’s not at all like that episode where they travel back to the 60s. Not only must they (and we) wait around months (tens of minutes) for the Goa’uld to attack and the action can begin, they spend that entire time apart, in a government witness protection program. Even when they reunite they’re quickly separated again. Unbelievable, the final mission of SG-1 and they don’t even get to be SG-1!

It’s the Gao’uld that steal the show. Nearly all the System Lords make cameos – even Qetesh! Seeing Vala as the evil goddess is just divine (and it doesn’t hurt that she’s falling outta her dress either). But again, we’re sorely lacking in the SG-1 dynamic department here. Qetash interacts with Teal’c but not all with Daniel Jackson, which would’ve been great considering their history.
It’s really hard to outright recommend Stargate: Continuum. It’s got a lot going for it like what may the the 1st curse word ever uttered in the series, some blood & gore, and a very cool fighter jet scene. On the other hand, is got Ben Bowder playing his own grandfather complete with bad accent. It’s not bad per se, it’s just not a fulfilling finish to the series.

For those without the Ba’als to illegally download it (sorry couldn’t resist), Stargate: Continuum comes out on DVD & Blu-ray July 29th.