language policeThe goddamn Language Police are driving me nuts! When I first heard the phrase ‘GD America’ I thought it was some kinda Christian rap group or something. I mean why the hell would you (and by you, I mean the media) abbreviate the word goddamn, especially after you just played the freaking clip with Jeremiah Wright saying it.

Now they’re at it again with perhaps the most innocuous word possible for the male genitalia, and it’s just nuts! For Christ’s sake I feel like I’m watching the freaking Wheel Of Fortune every time I see ‘n_ts’ pop up on the screen. They’re stumbling over themselves trying to convey the word without actually saying, and it’s just embarrassing. But kudos to MSNBC for calling CNN out on this silliness (video below, if you close your eyes and you’ll swear you’re listening to Kermit the Frog).