drill bra

Two words: Drill Bra, that’s all you need to know about this movie. If murderous mammaries sounds titillating to you, give Machine Girl a whirl. If not, close your eyes cause it only gets weirder.

The uninspired story (what little there is) employs the overused ‘begin at the end’ technique. The titular character uses a machine gun prosthesis to kill the bullies that murdered her brother.

Rewind 6 months, and we learn a whole lotta nuthin’.

A wholly intact Ami has been doing her best to raise her younger brother Yu since their parents committed suicide after being accused of murder. Ami & Yu remain convinced that their parents were framed, but that really has no relevance to story other than their antagonists taughting them about it. When Yu starts getting bullied Ami tells him it’s important to follow their parents example, no not Seppuku, nonviolence. But after Yu “falls” off a building that backstory goes out the window real fast.

What follows are some of the most insane deaths you’ve ever seen. In one scene Ami squeezes the blood out of a decapitated bully onto his bathing father. In another, Ami and her ally Miki take turns hammering nails into a gangster’s face. And whenever someone’s maimed, and that happens a lot, bodies gush like geysers. It’s not only the violence that’s over the top, the dialogue is equally cartoony especially in the English dub. Of course it’s all intentional (I think). Either way it’s definitely good for a laugh but not much else.