school rumble zLast month’s lackluster finish to School Rumble (manga) left a lot to be desired in the way of closure.

Luckily that’s what sequels are for!

School Rumble Z continues the zaniness that is 2-C with a parody of the classic anime Cat’s Eye. It’s set in feudal Japan and casts Tenma, Yakumo, and Akira as the outlaws known as Kyattsu Ai (Cat’s Eye) who much like Robin Hood steal from the rich (i.e. Eri) and give to the poor.

As you might guess Tenma isn’t exactly stealthy, but she’s got a secret weapon even she doesn’t know about, no not Onee-chan power – Harima of course! He’s been hired to take down the theives but just can’t seem to bring himself to do it, no matter how hard they make it on him.

While this first chapter didn’t really resolve anything, it’s good to know there’s still hope for a real ending. You can download School Rumble Z (translated by ZOMGScans) now or wait for Townsocks to release it if your a stickler for quality.