When time tears itself apart and dinosaurs roam the streets of London, who you gonna call?

Why the motley crew of civilians who discover the anomalies (time portals) of course.

Not very likely you say? Get use to it. Not only does the British Military often defer to Professor Nick Cutter, whose judgment is anything but strategic (i.e. engaging the dinosaurs unarmed), but at one point they’re even prepared to let his goofy student Conner take charge of the operation. I just thank god SNL’s Brian Fellow didn’t happen upon the anomaly.

As for comparisons to other time-travel series like Doctor Who & Torchwood, they’re completely unfounded. Primeval lacks both the adventure and humor of Doctor Who & the passion and action of Torchwood.

It’s all very monster of the week. A dinosaur appears, they catch it and conveniently return just before the portal closes. If you like Discovery Channel’s Dinolab you’ll probably like Primeval, otherwise don’t expect much. After 2 seasons little has been resolved. Primeval airs Saturdays @ 9pm EST on BBC America (preview right).