dalek gordonCyborgs, no longer are they the stuff of science fiction. Scientists at the University of Reading (England) have created the real thing. And not just some armless guy with prosthetic limbs, the medical equivalent of a kid with a plastic animal grabber toy  (no offense all you armless guys out there but a cyborg you’re not). No, we’re talking all-out metal monstrosity.

Introducing: Gordon – part robot, part rodent (and you thought New York rats were bad). Technically, it’s Gordons (plural) as the artificially grown rat brains that power the robot are short-lived and frequently swapped. “It’s quite funny — you get differences between the brains” explains Professor Kevin Warwick (aka Davros), “one is a bit boisterous and active, while we know another is not going to do what we want it to.”

Just what we need a Cyborg with multiple-personality disorder.

L7 World was able to obtain an exclusive look at Gordon in action (video right). He can’t do much yet, he mostly just avoids running into walls with about an 80% success rate, but scientists say he’s still learning and should be killing all the humans in no-time.