Place to PeeWomen have long suffered from penis envy and who can blame them? From biological necessities like reproduction & evacuation to more recreational activities like playing fireman & writing your name in the snow, the penis is an all-purpose appendage. They’re sure to be down in the dumps with the invention of urinal video games.

First there was the Piss-Screen, a pressure-sensitive urinal driving game designed to demonstrate when one was too drunk to drive (as opposed to just the right amount).

The Belgians 1UP’ed with these buzzkills with their Place to Pee, which is purely for entertainment purposes. These mobile bathrooms (available for rent) have adjacent urinals that allow users to go head-to-head in arcade classics like space invaders & slalom skiing.

To avoid any accusations of sexism Place to Pee does offer women cardboard cones so the can play along, but I say if god wanted women to have cones he would’ve give them to ’em. Instead ladies, I suggest you borrow one of the guy’s joysticks cause that a game everyone wins.

There’s also a Japan version by Sega called Hana kara gyunyu (Milk from your nose) that takes urinating to the next level. Players compete against the previous user to see who had go more.

A British version dubbed the “X-stream games” was recently installed at baseball stadium in Allentown, PA. In addition to entertainment value, it reminds players to check their prostrate. Hopefully, they won’t make that a game too.

Now you can play with urine without a full bladder: Men’s Room Mayhem