school rumble endingSchool Rumble: Sangakki is finally out but if you were hoping for a more conclusive (read: better) ending than that of the manga, you’re outta luck.

The 2-part OVA covers the last day of school before a sick Karasuma leaves for America and Tenma’s subsequent chasing after him. But it can hardly even be called an OVA (Original Video Animation) as there’s nothing original about it. In fact, rather than offering up something new they’ve actually taken a lot out such as Eri’s ordeal with the British hooligans and her marriage of convenience to Harima. Even quality-wise its subpar when compared to the previous OVA, School Rumble: Extra Class.

Had I actually paid for this, I’d feel scammed.

The only good thing about it is it’s got 2 new endings. The second one (video right) definitely being the better of the two as it has a brand-new song: School Rumble Forever (and it doesn’t hurt that Yakumo is dressed as a Playboy Bunny).

Unlike previous seasons which hinted at future releases, Sangakki ends simply with the word owari (the end). Of course there’s always hope for a sequel especially with realease of the new School Rumble Z manga as possible soure material, but based solely on the first chapter (as that’s all that’s out so far) it doesn’t seem to lend itself to a new series perhaps another non-canon OVA like Extra Class but either way school’s out forever.