next avengers

Continuing the trend of kiddizing all American cartoons, Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow takes place 12 years after the fall of the Avengers to Ultron; just long enough for their cheeky children to pick up their mantle and do what Earth’s mightiest heroes could not.

Naturally the Lil’ Avengers just make things worse.

Iron Man, the last surviving Avenger, has kept the kids safely hidden from Ultron that is until they discover and accidentally activate the Iron Avengers: robotic versions of their parents. You’d think Stark would keep his toys a little more secure – especially since he knows they’re useless against Ultron who can take control of other machines and that’s just what he does. All Iron Man can do is buy the kids some time to escape to – the Savage Land!

I’m thinking: @#%! yeah! We’re gonna see Ka-Zar, the Mutates, maybe even Magneto. After all, who better to take out a robot than the master of magnetism? No such luck. Instead the Lil’ Avengers turn right around and save Tony. But still no match for Ultron, they flee yet again this time to find the Hulk (guess who saves the day). It’s all pretty anti-climatic (even for Hulk).

The only good thing to come outta Next Avengers is the Captain America force shield, which can be thrown just like the real one (very Mega Man). It’s definitely not worth buying unless you’ve got kids under 13, which is too bad considering how dark this movie could’ve been – check out the kid-free trailer courtesy of L7 World (deleted because of Megavideo lawsuit).