petoriaThey say every man is the king of his castle (or at least they did until women-folk got all uppity) but one New Jersey resident took that idea to a whole new level.

Emperor El Bey of the Abannaki Aboriginal Nation insists he doesn’t need the proper permits to keep horses on his property because… well because he’s a freaking emperor! And as such, his Trenton duplex is a sovereign nation.

But much like Family Guy’s Peter Griffin in E. Peterbus Unum, Emperor El Bey’s proved there’s no such thing as diplomatic immunity from being an ass. He was arrested Wednesday on three outstanding warrants for failure to pay child support to three separate women. William M. Mcraeh, as he’s known to police, is currently being held at Mercer County Correction Center until he can come up with the $2,500 bail (apparently duplexia is not a rich nation).