pushing her buttonsBut “it’s” not what you think (that number is way higher).

According to a survey by mobile network 3 (three.co.uk), 43% of women (and 32% of men) are communifakers that’s someone who pretends to be on the phone when in a social setting. The numbers are even higher among 18 to 24-years-olds (74%). Some said it was avoid talking to others, but most were just trying fit in.

Psychotherapist Lesley Haswell explains, “Social status can be defined by the amount of friends we have on Facebook or how often our mobiles beep. Therefore people experience the need to appear socially busy at all times and ‘just waiting’ is a no-no. Our basic human instinct is to be part of a group. Alone we can feel more vulnerable.”

Personally, I’m secure enough in my aloneness to not even own a cell phone.