Ashley ToddWhen McCain volunteer Ashley Todd reported she’d been attacked by a black man, many people readily jumped to her defense but just as many had doubts, specifically cable news anchors like Anderson Cooper & Keith Olbermann. They contended that she had made it up, reasoning the B that had been carved into her cheek was backward because she had done it herself in a mirror.

Of course, they turned out to be right but not for the right reason. The alleged attacker could have simply done it while leaning over her, especially considering she had said she was on the ground and past out.

Frankly, I never cared if there was a real attacker. Unless it was Obama himself attacking her, it has no relevance. I just think it’s funny how these anchors who hold so much sway with their viewers ramble off their nonsense. The whole thing reminds me of an episode of Married with Children where Al & Jefferson are assembling something and complaining that they have too many L shaped parts and not enough 7 shaped parts.