got autism?PETA unveiled a new billboard campaign in Newark, New Jersey this week that claims “Studies have shown a link between cow’s milk and autism.”

But really they’re just crying over spilt milk.

PETA cites the pseudo-science known as “leaky gut syndrome,” in which damaged bowel lining leaks toxins into the brain.

In their press release PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman says, “We already know about the link between dairy products and ear infections, diabetes, certain types of cancer, and obesity, and now you can add autism to the list.”


Then why was autism & obesity unheard of just a generation ago? In fact, between rising milk prices and the prevalence of soda in kids’ diets, milk consumption is markedly down. Why do you think they had a “got milk?” campaign in the first place?

The truth is “Oftentimes children who have gluten sensitivity feel discomfort or pain, and because of that they become distressed, and when they become distressed often their reaction behavior becomes disconnected,” explains Dr. Leslie Rubin, director of the autism program at Children’s Health Care of Atlanta.

It was only last week that PETA asked Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to switch to breast milk (read here). How long until PETA suggests eating human eggs instead of chicken eggs? :shudders: