L: Change the World

The world’s greatest detective is back for one last case (no not Batman): L.

L Change the World picks up right where the Death Note movies left off. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen ’em. All you need to know is L sold his soul to the devil and now he’s got 23 days left until the devil comes to collect – just enough time to change the world.

This time L must match wits with one of his own – agent K, who has a bit of a God complex. K decides the best way to go green is by thinning out the world’s population with a super-virus that’s where Maki & Near come in.

Maki (the daughter of one of the scientists working on an antidote) & Near (a boy who just happens to be immune to the virus) serve as more than just convenient plot devices, they humanize L which is really satisfying for fans of the series. Seeing L interact with kids is kinda like seeing Batman off-duty (although he never really is). One scene that’s particularly endearing is when L (the consummate sloucher that he is) attempts to stand up straight after some gentle prodding by Maki. Naturally he collapses back down.

And while critics (like me) may argue that it lacks the complexity of the Death Note series, it was great to see L in action one last time.