Rosario anime fan service upskirt censored

Fan service has long been a staple of anime, but there seems to be a disturbing trend emerging in Japan – MODESTY!

Sure there’s still plenty of buxom beauties in tight-fitting clothes doing overtly sexual things (like this & that).

But recently some shows have started using blatant censorship of panchira (upskirt) scenes. Some of censorship is understandable such as scenes involving underage girls in Kodomo No Jikan (read review). However the new season of Rosario + Vampire Capu2 has no rhyme or reason to this reverse panty raid.

It’s just plain batty!

Some scenes are obscured with what would be at any other time be a cute bat while other more explicit scenes featuring cameltoe remain untouched.

Is there some sorta panty quota?

Where does this censorship stop? How long will it be before magical girl transformations are reduced to girls wearing costumes under their clothes like some stock superhero!

Luckily a couple stations in Japan are airing the uncensored version, which you can download the here: h.264 or xvid (torrents). Or if you’ve got some kinda bat fetish (hey I don’t judge) you can download the censored version (raw) here: xvid or mp4 (more torrents).