fortress of solitudeFirst there was the discovery of jadarite, a mineral nearly identical to kryptonite. Now scientists have found a cave in Mexico that bears a remarkable resemblance to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

The cave is covered with dagger-like crystals measuring up to 36 feet long & weighing up to 55 tons. The crystals are composed of gypsum, the same gypsum found in drywall! And while the crystals may not be extraterrestrial, they will nevertheless help scientists in their search for aliens by revealing how evidence of life can be preserved over long periods of time – knowledge NASA plans to apply to its mission to Mars.

The National Geographic channel will air a special about it on October 12th 9PM EST called Giant Crystal Cave (preview here). And considering the rate of these discoveries expect another special early next year explaining how dark matter/energy are actually the phantom zone.