end of evolutionWhether it’s the Ascended beings of pure energy beings seen on Stargate or the hyper-evolved salamanders of Star Trek: Voyager, man has long imagined what the future holds for us as a species.

But stick a fork in us, we’re done!

According to geneticist Steve Jones evolution has stopped, at least for western man. He cites the decline of natural selection, mutation and random change as reasons for this biological stagnation. Currently 98% of children survive into adulthood making natural selection superfluous. On top of that men are reproducing younger and younger reducing the chance for mutations that result from the deteriorated sperm of older men. Also the world’s population is so interconnected now that the random changes that occur when genes are accidentally lost (the result of inbreeding) is also dwindling.

Naturally creationists (who have long argued that if we evolved from monkeys, why aren’t we still evolving?) will call this a coverup by evolutionists.