STD evite notification
“You’ve got malady.” evites you to stick it to your sexual partners one last time with their new electronic notification system.

“It’s kind of like the e-vite for party notifications, but this is for STD notifications,” says Dr. Jeffrey Klausner of the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Well when you put it like that, who wouldn’t want one?

The anonymous evites come in a variety sassy styles (just look at those silly monkeys) and you can even personalize them with a custom message. Of course being the classy guy you are, you’ll probably want to add something like “Tell your mom she might wanna get checked out too.”

And remember like the website points out in their tips section (link): “Expect your partner to be accepting and supportive. People usually act as you expect them to. While some people may overreact, some won’t bat an eye.” (particularly when that eye is swollen shut with herpes)