new dragon ball

After 11 years, Dragon Ball’s back and proving wishes really do come true.

“The Return of Son Goku and Friends!” is a episode-length special currently streaming for free @ as part of the Shonen Jump Super Anime Tour. It takes place 2 years after the defeat of Majin Buu and tells the tale of Tarble, Vegeta’s younger brother. Unlike his big bro Tarble isn’t much of a fighter and enlists the help of the Z fighters in defeating Abo & Cado (two of Frieza’s lackeys), who are also surprisingly weak. The “battle” quickly devolves into a training session for Goten & Trunks.

There may not be time for any epic battles in this short episode but it wins you over all the same. Scenes like Goku & Vegeta fighting over who can eat more remind you why you love these characters. And I love that they subbed it THEMSELVES (English/French/German) instead of making us wait on fansubs (this seems to be a new trend).

The Dragon Ball special will be available @ until Jan 31st but must be watch using Jump’s Manga Browser, which can be download at the bottom of the page (then open the .sva file with the Manga Browser). Unfortunately it’s very laggy and I ended up pushing pause every 2 minutes to let it catch up.


You can now download via bittorrent and watch it lag free.