racist frankensteinIn recent elections many celebrities have threatened to leave the country should their opponents win, but none have followed through… until now.

Racist Frankenstein announced today that he is renouncing his citizenship.

In an exclusive interview with L7 World he explains why.

Mark: Thanks for joining us today Racist Frankenstein. Before we get started how was your Halloween?

Racist Frankenstein: Mmmm… great. Me go as most scary thing of all: President Barack Obama. Who would guess it actually happen!?

Mark: So you’re gonna leave the country just because the next president will be black?

Racist Frankenstein: Of course not. Me no like his policies.

Mark: Such as?

Racist Frankenstein: The redistribution of wealth. Racist Frankenstein work hard for his money, not giving it away to lazy blacks! :grumble:

Mark: Well who did you want to win?

Racist Frankenstein: Me voted for Racist Dracula.

Mark: Do you mean McCain?

Racist Frankenstein: Sorry, me get them confused.

Mark: Did you do any campaigning for McCain?

Racist Frankenstein: Oh yeah, Racist Frankenstein did his best to get in the vote.

Mark: You mean get out the vote?

Racist Frankenstein: No, me send many emails telling democrats election moved to November 5th.

Mark: So where will you go now?

Racist Frankenstein: Alaska.

Mark: That’s part of United States.

Racist Frankenstein: No, me pretty sure it part of Russia.

Mark: Well good luck with that and thanks for pointing out how dumb it is to say something like ‘if so-and-so wins I’m leaving the country.’