Dragonball EvolutionIt seems like the closer this movie gets, the worse it sounds. As though it wasn’t bad enough that Krillin is MIA, the new trailer (video below) “reveals” (read: retcons) that the dragonballs were created by 7 mystics and NOT by Kami.

Kami’s not the only one to be “sent to the next dimension.”

Apparently all the anthropomorphic characters have been nixed too. I guess FOX thought they were too silly for this serious film about an evil Martian who collects magic balls in order to summon a giant talking dragon that grants wishes.

Even the characters who remain have been drastically changed (and I’m not just talking about the hairstyles). In the trailer Bulma is blasting away the bad guys like she’s freaking Lara Croft instead of running around like the girlie scientist she is. And the producers have already confirmed that they’ve all but castrated the formerly lecherous Master Roshi. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprise if  the gullible blockhead we all fell in love with ends up being indistinguishable from the Karate Kid.

Sure the original Dragon Ball was campy at times, but could you imagine if it was all training for the next opponent (you think it’s repetitive now). I guess they figure it worked for Batman. But I’m not looking forward to Dragonball: The Dark Z Fighter.