Jesus has a gay old time Jack Black

Funny or Die’s “Prop 8 – The Musical” is my favorite kind of musical – short.

In it the scheming Christians led by John C. Reilly hatch a plan to ban gay marriage, arguing that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin. When without warning, Jesus (Jack Black) descends from the heavens with the revelation that “the Bible says a lot of things.”

After the Bible has been thoroughly discredited, Neil Patrick Harris (as himself) wins over these zany zealots by explaining how gay marriage would be good for economy. I guess there’s just no moral conviction greed can’t overcome, bravo.

While I loved the video (especially jazz hands Jesus), I hate the motivation behind it. Composer Marc Shaiman came up the idea as retaliation for Scott Eckern (musical director of Sacramento’s California Musical Theater) donating money to a Yes-on-Prop 8 campaign. I guess it wasn’t enough that Shaiman and his gay posse got Eckern fired, they had to “stick it to him” one more more time (that’s just like the gays).