SNL Gov. PatersonNew York Governor David Paterson doesn’t see the humor in last week’s  Saturday Night Live, calling it “third-grade humor.”

SNL cast member Fred Armisen portrayed the governer as a bumbling blind man, which is to say accurately.

Paterson, who often pokes fun his blindness, says “I don’t mind that they make fun of me, but I thought it was important to speak up for those who don’t have a voice and don’t have a job.”

Sounds like another “only we can use that word” cop-out.

We were no more laughing at Paterson, than we were at Richard Pryor in the classic movie “See No Evil, Hear No Evil.” We’re laughing at the situations being blind creates, not at the individual (okay maybe a little at the individual). Still it’s hard to believe how much more politically correct we’ve become since Mike Myers’ Phillip, The Hyper-Hypo Kid skit (video left).