Dungeons and Dungeons video game

Have you been a bad boy this year? Well why stop now. Adult Swim’s got a brand “spanking” new game called Dungeons and Dungeons.

You play as the King & Queen of kink: Sadie & Max (get it?). Together you must battle your way passed slutty blow up dolls, slutty robots, and of course slutty sluts using your trusty whip and an assortment of other toys.

Dungeons and Dungeons is your basic side scroller (minus a duck button) and takes about 15 minutes to beat. It probably comes as no surprise that I wish there were more cutscenes cause this little tease is PG-13.

And for the goody two-shoes there’s Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition, but just like being good all year it’s much more difficult. You play as surgeon Alan Probe. And it’s your job to save Santa and his helpers in this unique take on the classic game Operation. It starts out easy enough but quickly becomes an orgy of blood and guts as you fumble between surgical tools like an etch a sketch, leaf blower, and pixie dust. The good news is that you have unlimited continues. The bad news is you start over from the beginning of the stage, which take about 5 minutes each. It’s very frustrating but also very addictive.

So what will it be, a merry Christmas or hos hos hos?