Star Trek gay Star Trek New Voyages Blood and Fire

Discrimination may not have existed in Gene Roddenberry’s idyllic vision of the 23rd century, but it did in the 80s.

A controversial episode deemed “too gay” to air is finally coming out. “Blood and Fire”, which was originally written for  Star Trek: The Next Generation, has been adapted for the web series Star Trek: New Voyages.

In it Kirk’s gay nephew asks the captain to marry him but the honeymoon is interrupted by an outbreak of blood worms (a metaphor for AIDS).

But Kirk’s nephew isn’t the only one getting screwed. Until this episode, I hadn’t even heard of this web series – and now I know why! It’s awful. And I don’t just mean because of the low budget that makes the original Star Trek look cutting-edge. That’s to be expected as it’s made by fans for free.

The acting & writing are just bad.

I can’t tell if James Cawley is doing a bad William Shatner impression or just utterly lacking emotions. They should have cast him as Spock. And speaking of Spock, he’s NOT portrayed accurately at all. In one scene Spock discovers a strange phenomenon that behaves similarly to waves & particles, which he dubs wavicles.


Wavicles? Besides sounding extremely… well gay, Spock word never make up a word (Data maybe). Spock would just call it “the phenomenon” or “wave particles” but not wavicles.

If that wasn’t enough to stop your suspension of disbelief, Bones breaks the 4th wall by telling Kirk to relax as “we don’t put bullseyes on red shirts anymore.”

That said, I’m still gonna watch part 2 when it comes out in February – cause I’m a total Trekkie (minus the cosplay). If you too are a Trekkie or just gay (and some would say there’s no difference) you can download this and other episodes (legally) from