KARRLike most people I’ve been sorely disappointed with the new Knight Rider series, but when I heard Peter Cullen would be reprising his role as the voice of KARR in this week’s episode “Knight to King’s Pawn,” I had high hopes.

I feel like I’ve been Rickrolled.

The entire plot was ludicrous. We’re expected to believe Mike can single-handedly break into Area 51!? Or that KITT uploads his entire program to the internet in mere seconds, yet downloading him back takes so long that it’s still going when KITT fights KARR. And even though KITT is NOT at 100% he’s got no problem turbo boosting right through KARR’s chest. And how may I ask is that Agent Torres, who was trapped inside KARR’s chest, not mincemeat!? And why even try to transfer KITT’s program into KARR if he’s so weak!? Why not just reprogram KITT?

I admit I like the idea of KARR transforming, but his flimsy design makes him look like a freaking Gobot. More importantly, KARR had almost no screen time before being so swiftly dispatched. It would be like not seeing Darth Vader until he gets his ass handed to him by Luke in Episode VI. Not only is it anti-climatic, there’s not context for the conflict.

At this point not even an evil twin with a mustache can rekindle my interest in this show (well maybe).