terrorist fist bumpLike so many commemorative plates & coins, comics are cashing in on Barack Obama. Spidey Meets the President! is a back-up story in Amazing Spider-Man #583 that reads like one those old Hostess cakes advertisements, which I guess makes Obama a Ding Dong. You know, black on the outside, white on the the inside (zing).

The 5-page story takes place on inauguration day. Moments before Obama can be sworn in, a doppelganger appears. Naturally, there’s only one way to determine the real Barack Obama – sports knowledge!

Why not just have a dance off while you’re at it?

Eventually it’s revealed that the impostor is the Chameleon. SHOCKING. It was the supervillain whose one and only power is impersonating people. More shocking is that Chameleon thought that so long as he was sworn in (even falsely so) he’d be president. Classic Hostess’ villain logic.


Is anyone out there still reading comic books? In the main story of Amazing Spider-Man #583 , Spider-Man fights a generic villain, giving him a mouthful of web. When Spidey asks his name, he garbles “killyu”. Ever the comedian, Spider-Man tells him to visit villain-names.com and get himself a real name.

Amazingly the website, which is real, has ONLY 1,660 hits (10 of which are mine)! So either no one checks websites mentioned in fiction, which is just lazy, or no one is reading Spider-Man.