Michael Bay's - The Unborn

When I heard that explosion enthusiast Michael Bay was doing a movie about an evil unborn spirit, I thought this is gonna be the messiest delivery ever (my rendering above).

Sadly there’s no exploding vagina.

Now I’d warn you about spoilers, but what’s to spoil? If you’ve seen the trailer, then you’ve already seen all the “scary” scenes. And even if you haven’t, you’ll still see ’em coming from a mile away. There’s even a cliche medicine cabinet mirror scene!

On the other hand, the story comes outta nowhere. No less than 3 times does Casey’s friend impart supernatural wisdom passed down from her grandmother but instead of actually meeting this veritable red herring, Casey tracks down a Holocaust survivor who turns out to be… Casey’s grandmother, a fact she hides at first, apparently because she’s terrified of the ghost. A ghost who possessed her own twin after he died in a Nazi experiment, but that she killed (ghost were easier to kill in the old days). Now the ghost is dying to be born, which is strange because for 1/2 the movie he possesses the kid Casey babysits just fine. I guess it’s not enough to have a body, he’s gotta have revenge too. Talk about a cockamamie story.

The only good thing about this movie is that it reminded me about the It’s Alive remake, about a killer baby (can’t wait to see that).