manscapingIt seems there is no escaping from manscaping, not even at the gym.

Now in addition to the ‘no “hanging out” in the locker room’ sign at my gym, there’s one that reads “Please no manscaping (below the neck).”

I’ve been lucky enough to avoid any hairy situations, mostly because I’m in and outta there faster than a towel snap. Personally, I like to spend as little time as possible surrounded by naked guys in a room that smells like balls.

Although I did catch a “guy” cover his entire head in shaving cream. I mean everything: head, face, forehead, even his nose. I just don’t get this aversion to hair. It’s like an obsession.

And besides sanitary concerns, why would you even want to manscape in front of other guys? If you absolute have to look like a prepubescent boy – DO IT AT HOME!

What do you think?

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