Oneechanbara The Movie bikini samurai

Loosely based on the video game series, Onechanbara: The Movie takes a lot of liberties with the established storyline (what little there is). Of course, the most important part (fanservice) is still there.

As you can see actress Eri Otoguro fills the role of Aya perfectly (and by role I mean bikini). Unfortunately, she’s overshadowed by her lovable (but mostly just annoying) sidekick Katsuji. Together they travel the zombie-infested countryside in search of their respective sisters. And while Katsuji is trying to save his sister, Aya has other plans. Years ago, Aya’s little sister Saki killed their father and now she wants answers.

There’s no doubt about it, this is a B-movie. But considering what they had to work with I wasn’t expecting much. If you ignore the acting, it’s actually a pretty good story. And I was relieved to see they kept in the blood frenzy (where Aya & Saki power up and get all glowy), which probably ate up 1/2 the budget.  Nevertheless, this movie is for fans of the game only (and maybe not even them).