Dead Snow movie nazi zombie

This Easter it won’t be Jesus that comes back from the dead.

But these aren’t your typical zombies, they’re nazi zombies. And they don’t want brains… well they do, but that’s just a means to an end. What they really want is their gold back, which is funny because it’s not even theirs. It’s stolen gold, but try telling a nazi zombie that.

At first I thought Dead Snow was going to be a Norwegian Shaun Of the Dead, but the humor is surprisingly sparse. Maybe if they hadn’t killed off the resident zombie expert (an uber movie nerd named Erlend) there would have been more comedic moments.

It’s not scary either. In fact, the most disturbing scenes are those with out zombies, including a sex scene in an outhouse (#2) and some creepy horseplay where a guy thinks it would funny to stick a pillow over his claustrophobia girlfriend’s face. It’s an obvious setup for an avalanche scene, made even more obvious when a character explains the basics to surviving an avalanche.

Nothing new here except for nazi zombies, if that’s enough for you.