simpsons in irelandFor the first time ever The Simpsons is premiering outside of America with a special Saint Patrick’s Day episode called In The Name Of The Grandfather.

Those lucky Irish (and those of us with the internet) can watch it today, while everyone else will have to wait until Sunday.

Not surprisingly, the theme involves alcohol. When Homer misses the father-son wheelbarrow race at grandpa Simpson’s retirement home, the only way to make it up to him is with a trip to Ireland to for a drink. Unfortunately, when they get there Homer discovers “something terrible has happened! The Irish have become hardworking and sober!”

Executive producer Al Jean says he’s not worried about offending anyone, “I’m Irish American and I know Irish people have an excellent sense of humour so we weren’t very worried.” But after seeing the reason for Chief Wiggum’s incompetence explained (video below), I’d try not to get pulled over if I were him.