PMS Buddy

Every month millions of men are held hostage in their own homes by a biological attack known as PMS. And god help you if you incorrectly profile a woman as having it.

Tired of living in constant fear of these hormonal terrorists, Jordan Eisenberg created an early warning system called PMS Buddy ( It’s a website that tracks PMS, allowing you to make a preemptive strike. Eisenberg suggests flowers, which he says “are the kryptonite to PMS.”

The program can even be loaded on your Facebook page or iphone (for 99 cents), but it’s not just for personal use. PMS Buddy issues ‘National Alert Levels’ based on the status of its 150,000 plus subscribers. We’re currently at an ‘Overall Threat Index’ of 1 (out of 4). Of course the more people who subscribe the more accurate it will be, so stay vigilant guys and if you see a crazy bitch report it!