The Adventures of SuperpupIf ever there was a TV show to get high to it’s The Adventures of Superpup.

No it’s not a cartoon about Superman’s dog Krypto. It’s a live-action children’s show about Superman except with dogs as the main characters. Wait, it gets better! The actors are little people.

Midgets in animal costumes!

Midgets who clearly can’t see out of said costumes. In one scene the villain Professor Sheepdip can be seen visibly feeling around for the door knob right in front of him.

The story is very cartoony, Bug Bunny cartoony, with bad guys who use obvious disguises and that get blown to hell yet somehow are only incapacitated.

It’s no wonder this never got green-lighted. Fortunately, the pilot was released on the 14-disc Ultimate Superman Collection DVD set. Of course you may not want to pay 100 bucks to see this 20 minute laugh-fest so here’s the whole thing available for download The Adventures of Superpup.wmv (get it while it lasts).


If you have the cash I suggest you get the DVD set, which includes the documentary You Will Believe: The Cinematic Saga of Superman. There are great insights into the Superman franchise including an anecdote about Marlon Brando wanting to play Superman’s father Jor-El as a bagel. Not just a bagel, a bagel that doesn’t talk. And you thought Superpup was out there.