Cameron terminatorIf you didn’t see the season finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, you weren’t the only one.

Even with a special preview of Terminator Salvation, the only show it managed to beat out in the ratings was a repeat of Everybody Hates Chris. is predicting no season 3 (linkage), but if The Sarah Connor Chronicles has taught us anything it’s that the future can be changed… well that and never play D&D with a Terminator.

FOX will be making a big mistake if they cancel it just when things are getting interesting. Now that [spoiler alert] John Connor has time traveled into the apocalyptic future we can expect to see a lot of action (in more ways than one). He’s finally met the human Cameron is based on, which means an even hotter Summer Glau (and not in the give you cancer kind of way).

And if that still doesn’t bring in the viewers, who cares! The people watching Ghost Whisperer, Wife Swap, and Howie Do It aren’t the people that are watching anything sci-fi related. Be grateful for the niche you’ve got Fox lest you end up with nothing (i.e.,  Everybody Hates Chris).