Real-Life SuperboyWhen Dana Hoekstra adopted her son she quickly realized he wasn’t like other boys. Liam was doing pull-ups before his first birthday thanks to a myostatin deficiency that’s given him 40% more muscle mass than you typical toddler (wish I had that kind of deficiency, all I got is the ADD).

Liam’s Kryptonite is his metabolism.

He’s got an appetite like Michael Phelps explains his mother, “He’s hungry for a full meal about every hour because of his rapid metabolism. He’s already eating me out of house and home.”

And while Liam might not fight crime, he may yet save millions of lives or at the very least improve their quality. Research on the boy’s condition could help create new treatments for debilitating ailments like muscular dystrophy & osteoporosis (well either that or create some sort of bizarro version of this Superboy).