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Last year when Dalek Caan prophesied that the Doctor’s “most faithful” companion would die, I guessed it was the TARDIS (Dalek prophecy) and was apparently right! (it happens occasionally)

Rumor has it that season 5 will include nothing from the Russell T. Davies era, and that there will be a new larger TARDIS set.

David Tennant admitted to crying when he read the final script, which suggests another death (other than his own).

And now the Daily Star has reported [spoiler alert] that “In the series finale at the end of the year, the latest incarnation of the Time Lord (David Tennant, 37) will bite the dust when his Tardis gets blown to bits.”

Of course the TARDIS will survive in some incarnation, which makes me wonder do TARDISes have a 13 regenerations limit too. After all they do change from Doctor to Doctor. Perhaps the TARDIS will be replaced altogether. I found it intriguing that the Doctor revealed he had in fact stolen the TARDIS in the Easter special Planet of the Dead. Maybe he’ll steal another?

There’s no doubt that the TARDIS will look different on the inside, but what about the outside? Sure it’s unlikely they’ll tamper with a trademark that’s more recognizable than the Doctor himself but who knows?

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