Blago Shampoo Controversy is nothing new for disgraced Gov. Rod Blagojevich, but he’s not responsible for this latest hairy situation.

Dennis Fath, owner of Delta Laboratories Inc., woke up late one night with an epiphany: bottle Blago.

“He does have a nice head of hair, and it would be funny to have something named after him because of his hair,” Fath said.

The shampoo, which promises really big hair (and who doesn’t want that), derives its slogan “It’s Bleep’n Golden” from wiretaps in which the governor allegedly tried to sell Barack Obama’s senate seat saying, “I’ve got this thing and it’s (expletive) golden.”

Fath hasn’t spoken with Blagojevich about the product and says “I don’t know what to expect if I hear from him.” Probably something along the lines of “bleep, bleep, bleep…”

The shampoo & conditioner will run you $8 each (plus shipping) and are available only online (