Eminem/Punisher comicEminem meets the Punisher… ’nuff said right?

Not even close.

The fact that Marvel Comics is giving this away in their digital comics section (http://www.marvel.com/punisher_and_eminem) should tell you something: it sucks.

This team-up could have been so awesome: Punisher goes after Eminem, a bawling Eminem explains his gangsta cred is all an act, Punisher lets him live but makes him promise to never rap again, Eminem goes country.

[spoilers below]

gansta punisher

Instead, the Punisher is (for some reason beyond me) trying to save this punk from an assassin called Barracuda who’s been hired by the Parents Music Council to kill the foul-mouthed rapper. This garbage reads like the old Hostess Cakes comics but without fun. It’s just one big ad for his new album.

In the end, Eminem saves them both by killing Barracuda (who was already killed in a previous comic by the way). Why not have Eminem beat Magneto while you’re at it? (cause he’s that hardcore)

Worst of all, they’ve drawn the Punisher holding his guns like a gangsta on the cover (picture right).